Physical Health Goals – Running

Currently, physical health isn’t one of my strong suits.  I am in good general health, but I am quite a bit… fluffier than I’d like and I may have gone back up a pants size.  One of the greatest lies women (or most humans) believe is that if they cannot achieve instant good health, then they shouldn’t try.


When most people talk about health, they are generally referring to their physical health.  Traditionally most people put an unbalanced effort on physical negating the other pillars of health.  Some err on the opposite side and neglect physical in favor of the others.  But we can’t do that; there must be balance.

At the beginning of the year, on my goals list, I added one item that would directly influence my physical health:  Running.

I should clarify that I AM NOT a runner.  I have always wanted to be.  There’s just something beautiful about runners and running and it has always appealed to me (well, not always, I did have a doctor’s note that got me out of running in junior high).  I also enjoy it.  Well, I enjoy it for the first few minutes and then I hate it, but the joy does return a couple hours after I have recovered.

A couple years ago, I signed up to do a 5K.  It had been a bit of a “bucket list” item and something I’d just always thought would be cool to do, yet never really expected to.  Then a friend called and asked if I’d do it with her.  It turned out that accountability did the trick.  Not wanting to look like an idiot or collapse, I began to train around March for the 5K that I’d be running in August.

You would think that 5 months would be adequate time to train, right?  I mean, the Couch to 5K app is only 3 months.  You’d be wrong.  I did do the 5K and I probably had a decent time (for me).  However, I was still walking more than I was actually running.

After the 5K I took a little time off, but then I started back.  The hubs and I kept at it for several months, pretty much until it got cold.  We went to the fitness center a few times, but it didn’t have the appeal of going and running at our favorite park.  We decided to stop for a bit and then pick it back up when things warmed up.  This was Tennessee after all, warm weather is normally just around the corner.

That was a year ago.  I’ve been saying that I’ll start running again since we stopped.  And I’ve done a bit here and there.  Last summer, I got my Fitbit and I worked hard for several months to get to those step goals.  But even that has largely fallen to the wayside.

Why?  Well, the simple answer is that I’m lazy and that I feel overwhelmed.  There is SO much going on right now that I just don’t take the time to prioritize running and by extension my physical health.  I also fail to realize how much each pillar is intertwined.  When I run, it helps my mental and emotional health, too.  All those “I run to burn off the crazy” memes do have some validity.

I will say that it has been pretty cold (10-inches of snow, anyone?) and my treadmill is packed up in storage.  However, I still need to make the mental effort to take those walks when warm weather does appear so that when we do finally get to spring, I’ll be ready.  It may still take me 6-12 months to complete the 3-month running program, but I do want to get there.  No matter how long it takes.

I do have several other aspects of my physical health that I’m working on, but this is a major focus.  Keep me accountable.  If we see each other in real life, ask me about my running.  Check back in this summer (or hopefully more frequently than that) and see if I actually run another 5K, or possible even a half marathon! (This is my ultimate goal)

How do you take care of your physical health?


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