Homesteading Update: March

slow down

Every so often, I like to give a bit of an update on what’s going on with our house/homestead.  It’s both a way to track progress and keep a running log of this crazy journey that we embarked on 11 months ago.

I have been pretty down about the house here lately.  I’m just not seeing the progress that I had hoped for.  We were really wanting to be in the house by spring.  Unfortunately, that doesn’t look like it will happen.  However, we have seen some progress on the actual homestead.

Nathan was able to work on our garden plot and began to get it ready for planting.  We hope to get that going soon, but just like with everything else, it seems to be just another line on a to-do list.  He’s also got a good portion of the fence around our property done with the help of our neighbor.

As for the house itself, it is still slow-going.  And will continue to be for quite some time.  Nathan has a couple of jobs coming up that will be very good for our pocket book, but they won’t exactly further getting the house ready to move in.

Right now, we’re doing what we can as we can.  Nathan is trying to get the foundation for the fireplace finished so he can start laying floor.  But as I’ve said, it is a long and slow process.

As for me, I am learning patience and trying to trust that it will all work out.  It is a tough road and I’m not always handling it correctly.  Actually, I am failing more often than I am succeeding, but I’m still trying.  With lots of prayer and a lot of trust, I am trying.

I hope that one day I will look back on this whole process and see what I’ve learned.  That is little comfort while going through the process, however.


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