Spring: A Reminder of the Life Abundant

I’ve always been a fall girl.  I love the clothes and the weather.  There’s just something about sitting around a bonfire with friends that just moves me.  Hoodies and hot chocolate are my jam.  Pumpkin spice everything + apples = my happy place.

So imagine how excited I was when I found out we were moving to New England (this was around 7 years ago?).  I’ve heard about fall in New England my entire life.  When people look at fall pics they are almost always from the Northeast.  And we ended up moving around the end of November.

We’d missed the fun season.  We got snow almost straight away.  It was a difficult winter.  There was so much snow.  We had two trees in our yard that were beyond dead.  Pretty much everywhere I looked was just dead trees and bushes.  I don’t mean dormant for winter, I mean dead.

So imagine my surprise when the cold weather blew away and we began to see the first signs of spring.  There were a few bushes that got a few light green buds, then a few trees that started to sprout some little leaves.  Day by day I saw these things that I thought were beyond gone show life.  Day by day I saw that life continue to grow and become vibrant.

Those early light green buds turned into gorgeous golden blooms.  Those little leaves continued to get bigger and bigger and turned into the most beautiful deep green I’ve ever seen.  As spring progressed, almost everything that I had written off during the winter sprang to life.  And it didn’t stop.

It continued to evolve throughout the entire season.  What may have started out as white flowers on a green bush quickly went through various stages and ended up as pink flowers on a pale green bush.  It was amazing how the colors never stopped.  It was such an amazing sight to see after a long hard winter.

It was such an amazing thing to see life, abundant, beautiful life, spring from these items that I once had thought were completely dead.

Daffodils in Spring
Daffodils making an appearance in the park in TN last spring.

It will always stay with me as a reminder of what God can do.  And has done in me.  He took me from a completely spiritually dead place and gave me life, abundant life, in Him.

So now, even though I’m still a fall girl, I look forward to spring and that beautiful reminder of what God has done and continues to do in me.


6 thoughts on “Spring: A Reminder of the Life Abundant”

  1. So true and beautifully said. Thank you for sharing. I am a summer girl and barely tolerate winter. Today, I stopped and pointed out the red buds on the trees to my kids. So thankful for Spring and the promise of New Life!


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