Five Friday Favorites: Audibles


I don’t claim to be a big football fan.  There was a time when I really enjoyed all sports and watched most of them.  Hockey and baseball were always my favorite, but I would watch football with my dad (basketball was never an option).  However, I do have a basic understanding of the audible.


So, when Mrs. Disciple posted that this week’s linkup would be discussing 5 audibles, I really began to think about my life and times when we have been headed in one direction, ready to execute the play, but before we knew it, an audible had been called and we were heading in a completely different direction.

So, without further ado, here are 5 audibles that have been called in our life:

1.)  Due to several circumstances, it took my husband 10 years to achieve the goal of being a Navy chaplain.  He was called to this work and then had to complete seminary, work through endorsement by a government-recognized entity, and various other hoops that took a decade.  But back in the fall of 2006, he made it and shipped off to the Navy’s Chaplain School in January of 2007.

We embarked on that journey and spent 6 years in that ministry believing that this was the end goal.  We had no clue that God had other plans.  At the end of those 6 years, my husband told me that he believed that God was leading him to leave the chaplaincy.  Stubborn to a fault, I said no.  But after much prayer, I knew this is what God wanted.  It took us a year to put things in place so after 7 years, we left the ministry that took 10 years to get into.  Definitely a change in the play.


2.)  The April that our son turned 5, we began to talk about where he would go to school the coming fall.  I knew that my husband’s desire was for us to homeschool, but I also knew that I was no teacher and had no more than a high school education and couple semesters of college.  So once again, I said no (don’t worry this isn’t a theme).  It took a lot of grace from my husband, but we decided to put him in a small church run school.  We were blessed to find amazing schools each place we moved with the military and the discussion never really came up again.

However, toward the end of our time with the Navy, Chas was in a school that was less than ideal.  God used this to break my heart of its hardness and stubbornness toward homeschooling.  Even though we found a great school to finish out our time there, He had planted a seed so that once we left the military; I knew that we were supposed to homeschool our son.  It has been challenging and difficult, but I can’t deny that this change in the play wasn’t just necessary, it was blessed.


3.)  I never really had an answer to the question of “What do you want to be when you grow up?”  I wanted to be a great many things but never enough to actually follow through and do them.  So I did what most 18-year olds do – I went to college without a clue and an undecided major.  I had thought about journalism or mass media as a safe bet, but criminal justice was what I was actually working toward when this audible was called in the form of a young sailor that entered my life during my first semester of college.

Married at 19, baby at 20, and moving from Missouri to California was not the play that I had set up, but God changed it up and I can’t imagine things being any different now.  It’s been a wild ride, but I wouldn’t trade it for anything!


4.)  As stated in #3, I left college to follow my sailor around the country.  This required me to leave college, which wasn’t a very big sacrifice considering I had no clue what I really wanted to do anyway.  I was pretty happy with the wife and mother gig so I saw no real rush to go back to school.  Even though the hubs made a promise that I would go back at some point.  But life, right?

So, at 30, I kind of figured that that ship had sailed and I was okay with that.  So imagine my surprise when a random email comes through about an online opportunity and before you know it the play is changed yet again and I’m applying at age 35 to go back to school and finish my bachelor’s degree!


5.)  I grew up in a rural, farming area, but we lived in town (of 325 people!) and my father had left farming long before I was born, so even though to most I seemed like a country girl, I was actually more “city.”  At 18, I left rural Missouri and headed to the city for college and never really looked back.  After marrying Nathan, we traversed most of the major cities of the country living in, or just outside, Corpus Christi, TX, Lexington, KY, Nashville, TN, Providence, RI, etc.  The closest we got to country living was the Mojave Desert, but even then we were an hour from Palm Springs, 2-3 hours from Los Angeles, San Diego, and Las Vegas.

So imagine my surprise to currently be living on a 5-acre farm in Middle Tennessee… and LOVING it!  I will admit that there are several things about country living that I’m still averse to (bugs!), but I’m learning and counting down the days until our little farm is functioning the way we intend.  Who would’ve thought that such a change in the play would actually be so great!


What about you?  What audibles have been called in your life?  How has the change in the play affected it for the better or worse?  Head over to Mrs. Disciple to hear what others are saying about the audibles in their life.



5 thoughts on “Five Friday Favorites: Audibles”

  1. I absolutely love this take on it! Currently in an “audible” moment right now, so I needed this. Also, my degree is in Criminal Justice and I never thought I would homeschool… who are we??


  2. I see a thread of faith in all of your audibles. You set your sights on a goal but kept your ears open for God’s audibles. To live that kind of life, you have to have deep faith. Thanks for sharing, Stacey!


  3. I was an 18 year old undecided college major as well. only I didn’t find a hubby or my life’s path. just graduated with a random English literature degree. 😛 But God used that experience to teach me plenty of unplanned lessons.


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