Houston, We Have Kittens…

Right, so I know that this blog is supposed to have purpose and meaning. I understand that I’m supposed to mainly discuss health and wholeness. But occasionally on this long and twisted journey, something so beautiful happens and I can’t help but want to share.

Our little blind, one-ear runt of a cat, named Bartimaeus had kittens last week!

She’s been preggers for what seems like forever and we’ve honestly been on baby watch for the past 2 weeks. And then last Thursday, our cat that doesn’t know she’s a cat, didn’t come when my husband called. This was so odd that after the third time, he went to search for her.

He was pretty sure he knew where she’d go to give birth and sure enough on the coldest night of the spring, she had holed up in the broken down little shed in our backyard. We’ve actually been waiting to tear it down thinking this might be her birth plan.

Sure enough, she was there. She had given birth to an unknown number and was hiding them and keeping them safe and warm. Nathan went and got a heater and a tarp and covered all the large holes and made sure they’d all have adequate warmth as she took care of them.

Today, he found out that whereas she’d indeed given birth to 3 kittens, only two made it. So, now we’re the proud owners of our little tortie, Bartimaeus, as well as two little gray kittens, who’re still yet unnamed. Though it’s looking more likely that they’ll be called Patience and Defiance (or, Sebastian. We’re still deciding).

What’s going on with you all today? How are you finding your joy?


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