Homesteading Update…

Okay, so since it’s been a while since I’ve written and I’m sure you all are just waiting with baited breath to hear how our homesteading experiment is going.  Right?

Well, there is some good news.  We are out of the camper that we were living in.  And while I was super excited to have it while we did, I can not explain how happy I am to be out of there.  There are so many things about living in a house that you can take for granted.  It is so nice to have a full-sized kitchen, a proper hot water heater, and a real bed.  Not to mention how nice it is for our little family to be able to spend time in separate rooms!

The house we are living in is actually our neighbor’s.  This is great for so many reasons.  First, we are close to our place, so when Nathan works on the house, he doesn’t have to go far.  Second, we really love our place and our neighborhood, so it’s great to be able to stay in the area.  Third, our neighbor is amazing and we are so thankful for them.

So, how’s the house coming along?  Well.  It’s not.  We’ve had a few setbacks and basically, no work has been done in about 6 months.  It is so hard for me not to get discouraged and be totally bummed.  But it is what it is and there’s no point in crying about it now.

Nathan has had a few side projects that he’s had to work on, but other than getting our car taken care of, he’s pretty well done with that, so we’re hoping that he will be able to refocus on the house at the beginning of the year.  Of course, he’s also going to be starting his second Masters and finishing up his final project for his Doctorate, too, but I guess we’ll see.

As for the land, it’s in about the same boat as the house.  Other than a bit of upkeep, we haven’t done much.  But since our neighbor is quite neighborly, we’ve been helping him out with some stuff, such as his garden plot.  Hopefully, it will be ready by spring and we will share the bounty.  He also has bees and though we’ve got nothing to do with them, I cannot wait until there’s honey!

On a side note, Chas has been hired on as a farmhand and helps out with odd jobs and takes care of the animals (two donkeys and a horse) when our neighbor doesn’t come out.  We’ve also got a few defectors – a hen and two roosters.  I’m not sure where they’ve come from or where they roost, but they seem to like staying here throughout the day and the hen has at least begun sleeping in the holly bush at the front of the house.  We’ve named them – Matilda Cluckenbach and her boys, Homer and Herschel.

So, now we’re kind of breaking for the holidays.  Hopefully, we’ll be able to regroup and get things going again soon.


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