Politico, I am not…

Once upon a time, I thrived on the political arena.  As a youngster, I loved staying up late to watch Politically Incorrect with Bill Maher.  I would debate along with the rest of the panel and loved figuring out my position and listening to others.  Government and civics were my favorite subjects in school. I… Continue reading Politico, I am not…

Frivolity, Wholeness

Quieting the Noise and Listening for Answers

Confession time:  I both love to pray and simultaneously don’t do it nearly often enough.  Don’t get me wrong, I do like to talk to God while driving or when washing dishes, etc.  Talking is easy.  I do it all.  The.  Time.  That’s why I love it.  I can vent to God.  I can tell… Continue reading Quieting the Noise and Listening for Answers


A Holy Pause and Reflection…

Last week was Holy week.  I know that I’ve mentioned before but I’m a non-liturgical so my church doesn’t really observe anything formally.  Our pastor enjoys the liturgical calendar, but there’s not much in the way of corporate liturgy.  However, in a blessed coincidence, our denominational conference was last week and we were in church… Continue reading A Holy Pause and Reflection…


Spring: A Reminder of the Life Abundant

I’ve always been a fall girl.  I love the clothes and the weather.  There’s just something about sitting around a bonfire with friends that just moves me.  Hoodies and hot chocolate are my jam.  Pumpkin spice everything + apples = my happy place. So imagine how excited I was when I found out we were… Continue reading Spring: A Reminder of the Life Abundant


Five Friday Favorites: Easter

   Ham. Hats. Family photos. A new dress. Pastel colors. Bunnies. Baby chicks. Brightly colored eggs. Special church services. Baskets toppling over with goodies. These are just a few ways that we celebrate Easter in America. My earliest memories of the holiday are of getting a special new dress, often with a matching hat and… Continue reading Five Friday Favorites: Easter


Five Friday Favorites: Names of God

Honey.  Mom.  Stac.  Friend.  Ed.  Sister. These are a few of the names that I answer to on a regular basis.  There are several more.  Some are used daily and some are used only on special occasions.  Each one is used in specific circumstances or by specific people to denote a certain aspect of my… Continue reading Five Friday Favorites: Names of God